Celebrating visual art of the human form


Aino Lutter

Aino Lutter's work is rooted both in traditional and modern methods of painting. After receiving a BA in both Studio Art & Art History from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, she underwent an intensive 2 year program in Classical painting and drawing techniques at the sister school (in Toronto) of Angel Academy, Florence, Italy. This was followed by several workshops with internationally known American painters to perfect "fast & loose" painting techniques. The methods used in her paintings vary according to what she wants to express . The portraits are highly realistic and because they involve the subject in many hours of sitting, there is more of a connection with the sitter which helps to portray the key element in all of her portraits - that fleeting moment when some part of the sitters inner thoughts or feelings are suddenly revealed.

Finally, these works are an exploration into reconciling modern thoughts and methods with old fashioned training.

Website: http://www.ainolutter.com
Email: ainolutter@gmail.com