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Charlene Lau Ahier

Classically trained in Europe, Charlene Lau Ahier studied painting in the atelier tradition with modern masters of the “Nouvelle Figuration” movement. Painting and drawing extensively from life, much of her work centres around the figure.

Living in Europe for several years gave her an appreciation for both tradition and modernism. In particular, for the northern master's handling of still light as well as a deep love for the fiery humanism of the Italian Renaissance masters. And as an enduring reminder of her years in Paris, lyricism and dreamlike visuals often find their way into the work.

Her current interests lie in the exploration of the surreal, with figures often set in vague narratives and ambiguous frames of reference. Subtle colour and value shifts lend an atmosphere of mystery to the work, where a sense of uncertainty gives way to hopeful anticipation.

Website: www.lau-ahier.com
Email: lau.ahier@mac.com
Instagram: @lauahier
Facebook: Charlene Lau Ahier