Celebrating visual art of the human form


Diana Jackson

There's no better way to wake then to open your eyes and be eager to dive into a day of work where creative opportunities abound and possibilities are endless. I feel blessed. I live and work from a serene setting on the Indian River in Clayton, Mississippi Mills, Ontario, Canada.

Whether a day of stimulating mental challenges solving puzzles in printed circuit board design or a day of stimulating creativity hands immersed in clay, or perhaps forming silver, I am never bored.

Everything feeds my artwork. Diplomas in Electro-Mechanical design, Landscape design and studies in art have given me a broad arsenal of skills and a solid design sense. However, it's the natural world around me that not only feeds my soul but offers up endless inspiration.

I often focus on contrasting hard crisp lines with fluid flowing organic forms representative of wood and trees. Most recently abstracting the figure to create undulating organic forms.

Website: http://www.dianajackson.ca
Email: diana.jcskn@gmail.com