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Erica Lindsay Walker

Erica Lindsay Walker

I have been drawing all my life. Self-taught, I have experimented with many media (acrylic, watercolour and pastel, to name a few), but I have always preferred the control and simplicity of the pencil. I use both coloured pencil and graphite, and my favourite genres are still life and portraiture. My work is about looking inward, exploring the "inner landscape" of emotion, thought, and states of being. In my portraits I generally prefer to feature a single subject against a plain background, in order that the communion between subject and viewer may be at its most intense and uninterrupted.

My love for the art of the pencil also led to me becoming one of the co-Founders of the Pencil Art Society, which was officially launched in March 2013. It's been both a privilege and a pleasure to meet and serve so many wonderful artists, and to share my love of the pencil with the world.

Website: ericalindsaywalker.com