Celebrating visual art of the human form


Kasia Gizewska

Kasia Gizewska loves visual arts, drawing in coloured pencil human portraits as well imaginary birds and animal photographic portraits.

She grew up in the Play Theatre environment in Warsaw, Poland, which significantly influenced her approach and sensibility towards acting and visual arts. Kasia found at a later stage of her life that past experiences from that period had a considerable impact on her creativity and perception of arts.

Kasia traveled to various countries in Europe, South America and Africa. Unique human faces in different countries and on different continents, inspired her to start drawing human portraits in coloured pencil on various types of paper (bristol board, drafting film, etc.).

Kasia received no formal training in art of drawing and has been creating her portraits as a fully self-taught artist since 2015. This is her first exhibition she decided to participate in.

Email: Kasart2014@hotmail.com