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Laura den Hertog

Born in Montreal, Canada to Dutch parents and trained as an illustrator and designer, den Hertog broke away from commercial arts to begin focusing on figure painting.

After early success creating her trademark paintings of women, the artist added landscapes, incorporating similar elements of peaceful solitude, natural light and beauty.

Den Hertog currently makes her home in the verdant rural area of the Ottawa Valley, halfway between Montreal and the nation’s capitol, where she continues her portrayals of women and the land. Her work is available through art dealers and galleries across Canada and the USA.

From Art Critic Brian Sherwin:
"Artist Laura den Hertog's work is marked by a wonderful sense of edgy, thought- provoking power. She forces the viewer to search beyond outward appearances - pushing us towards a deeper meaning. These impressive paintings reveal the strength of the human spirit. We can all learn something from these studies of individualism."

Website: http://lauradenhertog.com/
Email: artist@lauradenhertog.com