Celebrating visual art of the human form


Mary Kritz

I am an artist who works with paper products in the construction of artist books, hand bound journals, boxes and story rooms.

My books are notable for their unique finishes and tactile nature. By focusing on learned techniques and a wide range of materials, I consider designing and creating books an artistic craft. When well executed through the use of traditional techniques and self-directed exploration, I amalgamate the past and present day practices of book arts into my work.

My books are based on formal training and experimentation which results in a synthesis of tradition and contemporary design. By choosing a variety of materials, from classical papers to found objects, I develop artist books that do not follow the conventional notion of what a book is; leaving viewers to make new personal associations and multi-faceted interpretations of what they are experiencing.

Website: http://www.bookartiste.blogspot.com
Email: bbinder999@gmail.com