Celebrating visual art of the human form


Sarah Marie Lacy

Sarah Marie Lacy

I am a painter and draughtswoman who makes art about grace, humanity and connection.

I work primarily from life and the human figure in oil and pencil.

I am fascinated by bodies. Our bodies tell stories, stories about where we've been and where we're going. I explore the human body as a vehicle for unspoken narrative, for the deepest tales that we never tell each other. Our bodies never forget.

There is power in witnessing the story of someone's body, in representing the truth of their form. Even surfaces have stories to tell; their contours tells us of the world that lies beneath.

I have been in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, and my work hangs in private collections in North America and Europe. I was a finalist in the 2015 Kingston Prize, and received an honourable mention at Figureworks 2015. In June 2016, I received a culture grant from the City of Ottawa. I also own The Drawing Room Studio, Ottawa's only long pose life drawing studio.

Website: www.smlacyart.com
Email: sarah@smlacyart.com