Celebrating visual art of the human form


Susan Powell

Susan paints pure, watercolour landscapes and nudes. Sue was awarded Hills of Headwaters Artisan of the Year in 2009. She lives in Erin, Ontario and is part of a 6-artist collective called Silver Creek Arts Project, based out of a studio and heritage barn in the stunning hills of Caledon, Ontario.

Drawing and painting the human form has been, and continues to be a huge inspiration - she has presented watercolour works depicting the movement of the human body and large graphite/pencil nudes, and nudes in landscapes. The figure offers everything to the artist, is always challenging and forever exciting - it is not the portrait, face of the figure that stirs the right side of the brain, it is the sculptural aspect of the human form, and the element of weight, balance and movement.

Website: http://www.silvercreekcaledon.com
Email: s.powell065@sympatico.ca