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Yves Jardon

Yves Jardon

Yves has studied and worked in many different fields. He could be described as a generalist. At present, he shares with his wife, the management of an English as a Second Language Camp for international children.

As a photographer, Yves is a self-made artist. Inspired for decades by nature and landscape, he shifted his focus to portraits and art nudes 10 years ago. His aesthetics is stripped. In his photos, Yves strives to express more; he aspires to create a feeling, an idea, or an emotion. He presents a story that allows the presence of a character, which is played by the model.

Over the years, Yves has taken workshops to enhance his technique. He is an active member of the Camera Club of Ottawa and a juried member of the Foyer Gallery in Ottawa. He has given several workshops on studio lighting and portrait editing. During the past few years, he has displayed his work in different shows.

Contact: yjar@hotmail.com