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Celebrating visual art of the human form / Célébrer l’art visuel de la forme humaine

Photographer and artist


Our founder

Figureworks was founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2010 by Hilde Lambrechts. Hilde, a local artist passionate about art of the human figure saw the challenges faced by artists to display works of the human figure within commercial galleries and set about creating space and celebrating visual art of the human form. Figureworks was formed and has continued to grow and celebrate hundreds of artists and their works.

Hilde has since stepped down as a board member to focus on her artistic practice; we, the board and volunteers, are proud to continue the tradition.

A few words from, Hilde Lambrechts

Throughout history there have always been artists who have pushed the boundaries of art and while doing so, surrounded themselves with controversy. Some have created ground breaking works that opened a vast array of new possibilities and ways for further growth. Others have gone in directions that might lead to a dead end. But whatever path the artist wishes to explore, it is good to have a solid base where artistic skill can be nurtured.

For the visual arts, the human figure has always been an excellent subject matter to train, maintain and explore artistic skill, and furthermore it continues to be an effective tool to communicate with oneself and/or the viewer. The oldest art work ever found is a 233 000 year old carved figurine (Berekhat Ram, Golan, Israel). Today artists continue to capture the human figure using many different techniques and materials, but many of them don't get the attention they deserve.

Figureworks aims to provide an opportunity to celebrate visual art of the human form. The organization puts the spotlight on artists, their works and the life models, which are essential to nurture their creativity and whose profession is an art on itself.

As the founder of Figureworks, I invite you to be a part of this movement. It is my wish for Figureworks to be a niche for everyone who loves art involving the human figure. I am pleased to say that the human figure continues to work for me.

Hilde Lambrechts