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Celebrating visual art of the human form / Célébrer l’art visuel de la forme humaine

Photographer and artist


How to enter

Applications are currently closed for Figureworks. The following information is provided to help you prepare for future submissions.


At Figureworks we strive to be as inclusive as possible and accept figurative works in all media from Canada and internationally. The show is open to all living artists working in all mediums who wish to submit recent works that represent the human form or parts thereof.

  • Works should represent the human form or parts thereof.
  • All media and styles are accepted, this includes but is not limited to paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and video.
  • The jury will be looking for the best combination of skill, concept and originality.
  • Works must be complete, stable and dry to the touch. Wet, sticky and unstable works will not be accepted.
  • Accepted artworks must be as represented in the images submitted. Works that have been modified will be refused. Images that have been enhanced and are not an accurate reflection of the work submitted may result in the artwork being refused.
  • Works must be made independently, without guidance. Artworks made during a workshop or class are not eligible.
  • Works can be no older than three years and not have been entered in a previous Figureworks show.

Jury Process

The Figureworks competition is evaluated by a jury of peer professional artists representing a broad range of media and forms of art. The jury selection is determined by the Figureworks Jury Committee.

Our Jury performs two levels of evaluation;

Electronic review : The jury will conduct several electronic reviews. The end result will be a shortlisted of Finalists that will move onto Round 2 and be presented in the Figureworks exhibition. Artists will be notified of the jury decision by email.

In person review: The Jury will convene together to view and rank all the artworks in person for the Figureworks prizes.

More details will be made available when a Call for Artists is open.